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Seat Heaters

Relax, sit back and Get Warm...

Unlike most wired seat heaters, ultra-thin, flexible carbon fiber seat heaters provide evenly distributed instant heat. Advanced electronic controls keeps the seat temperature constant within one degree.

  • Electronic control ensures constant temperature
  • High/Low temperature setting
  • Illuminated round switch with 2 color LED
  • Optional 45″ wire harness extension for locating switch in dash or console, and back seat heat installs
  • Ultra thin, super flexible carbon fiber pads
  • Honeycomb mesh heating element can be pierced to pass seat listings through
  • Universal fit pads are easily shortened for custom sizing [min 10in]
  • Dual 10.5x19in pads for both seat and back
  • Dual self-adhesive strips run full length of pad
  • Each kit heats a single seat
  • Can be installed as single pad (for OCS or lumbar)
  • 3 year / 36,000 mile limited warranty