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Remote Starts

"Stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer."


SmartStart features and benefits:

  • Start your car with virtually unlimited range
  • Warm your car in winter; cool your car in summer
  • Lock, unlock your vehicle and pop your trunk
  • Arm the alarm to protect your car
  • Activate panic alarm to protect yourself
  • Push Notification of Alarm Events: It’s like an alarm pager on your smartphone – with virtually unlimited range!
  • 2-Way Command Confirmation: Users receive confirmation when commands are received at vehicle and will be notified if their command was not received.
  • Veh/icle Picture Customization: Now you can upload a photo or image file for each vehicle you control with SmartStart
  • Vehicle Name Customization: You can personalize each vehicle by assigning a unique name for it in the app.
  • Passcode Protection: Users can lock the app by selecting a 4-digit PIN for a higher level of security
  • SmartStartTM Account Utilities: Allows users to change their SmartStartTM account password, or generate a new one if they forget the existing password


Autostart AS-2371TW-FM is reknown for it’s Incredible range, ruggedness and compact design transmitter. The Autostart AS-2371TW-FM includes all the practical features and ruggedness of a 2-way LCD transmitter but with the simplicity of a 1-way system. All information is easily read and translated through a simple patented button illumination and audible confirmation system.

  • Unit Specific Features
  • LED Screen for remote confirmation
  • Includes (1) LED 2-Way ASRF-3503BK Remote
  • 3000 ft range
  • Security
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
  • SmartStart Compatible
  • HDR Technology for encryption
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • 3 Auxiliary Channels for Optional Functions
  • Remote Control Trunk Pop